Sorry Griswolds, Christmas Vacation Means Jail Time

Christmas vacation might be a modern Christmas classic, but it’s also a classic example of how people fail to understand the law. In fact, if the Griswold family Christmas took place in California, cousin Eddie would likely be spending the New Year behind bars. Only a San Diego criminal lawyer could help him get out before next Christmas.

In Christmas Vacation, Eddie kidnaps Frank Shirley, Clark’s boss. While the movie tries to wrap up the problem by having Shirley refuse to press charges, the court system doesn’t really work that way. While someone refusing to press charges can impact a case, it doesn’t always mean the prosecution won’t go forward with the case. The fact that the entire SWAT team was dispatched to the Griswold home during the kidnapping means the city already spent a lot of money to stop the kidnapping and they would be unlikely to drop charges against Eddie just because Shirley had a change of heart.

On the upside, Eddie would be the only one charged with this crime as he was the only one involved in the kidnapping. If you’ve seen the entire Vacation franchise, you’d know that Eddie is not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, with the help of a San Diego criminal attorney and a series of tests by medical professionals, Eddie would have a very strong defense based on the fact that he does not have the mental facilities to understand his actions. Because Eddie already has a low IQ and has even been part of clinical drug trials that were likely to damage whatever intelligence he already had, charges against him would likely be dropped before the case went to trial and if it did go to court, the jury would likely find him not guilty on grounds of mental impairment.

Remember, every crime requires a different kind of defense and just because a movie or tv show says something about the law doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s why you should always contact a San Diego criminal lawyer if you have any questions about a legal issue or if you are arrested. To speak with Peter M. Liss, just callĀ (760) 643-4050 or (858) 486-3024.

Have a happy, safe and legal holiday everyone.

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